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Unexpected College Admissions Success Stories

This blog post is provided by the Unigo Expert Network, a group of top education experts from across the U.S. answering questions submitted by students and parents about college admissions and succeeding after high school. To have your questions answered visit www.unigo.com/expertquestions “In all your years of working with students, what were some of the […]

The Roundup: Who Knew So Many Students Wanted to Go to Summer School?

Public colleges and universities across the country are surprisingly more crowded than normal this summer as enrollment in summer courses are up this year. A USA Today article looks to the current economy as the source: “High unemployment drives nontraditional students to enroll in college at all times of the year, but a tough economy […]

Mythbuster: “Starting at a community college will cause you to earn less with your Bachelor’s degree.”

Don’t believe recent headlines that insinuate you will earn less money if you graduate from a community college than if you enroll and complete your degree at a four-year college. These sensationalist articles are oversimplified claims drawn from a much larger, in-depth study by Natalia Kolesnikova, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank in St. […]

University of Texas Makes Efforts to Keep College Affordable

” With a slowing economy, many students nearing college are growing worried that loans will no longer be available and school will become unaffordable. Because of these increasing concerns, some colleges and universities are taking action in the face of a troubled economy. The University of Texas at Austin, one of the largest universities in […]