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Strategies for Picking a College Major

You’ve spent countless hours combing through college brochures, touring campuses (both in person and virtually) and painstakingly perfecting your application essay. You anxiously played the waiting game, fretting about which schools would grant you that coveted acceptance letter. And you heavily weighed the pros and cons of every university you got into, agonizing over which […]

Growth Industries to Keep in Mind As You Consider Your College Selection

Provided by Westwood College High unemployment rates have many aspiring college students thinking hard about which direction to take in their college majors and careers. Recently, teaching and training expert Michael Brandwein appeared on WFTX-FOX in Florida and offered his perspective on hot growth areas and how to choose an educational program. Brandwein said employers […]

Creative Majors Remain Undaunted Despite Tough Job Market

Astoundingly, applications to music programs are on the rise, even as the economy is in decline, reports The Chicago Tribune. Considering the cost of lessons and instruments, studying music doesn’t come cheap and recouping expenses seems tough, if not impossible, given the state of unemployment. However, today’s budding virtuoso has more post-graduate options than ever […]

Mythbuster: “Starting at a community college will cause you to earn less with your Bachelor’s degree.”

Don’t believe recent headlines that insinuate you will earn less money if you graduate from a community college than if you enroll and complete your degree at a four-year college. These sensationalist articles are oversimplified claims drawn from a much larger, in-depth study by Natalia Kolesnikova, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank in St. […]