Stress and Your College Search

No matter where you are in the college search process and no matter how certain you feel about your direction, choosing where you’re going to go to college can be a stressful task. While nothing can be done to eliminate all the stress related to this challenge, there are some things you can do and consider to minimize your stress and channel it in the right way.

Get Perspective

The institution you go into the college admissions process thinking is your ideal school may not turn out to be, and that is okay. The point isn’t for you to fit into an Ivy League mold, rather, you need to find the school that is right for you and your future goals. Realize that some parts of this process are beyond your control, and you will come out of this process with a school that meets your needs.

Accept Support

While it is important to guide the college search and admissions process for yourself, you are not alone. Accept help from your parents, guidance counselor and teachers. Listen to their suggestions and then make your decisions. Never be afraid to solicit help from these people who care about you and want you to succeed.

Everything Will Be OK

Where you go to college is important, but it will not define who you are – that is up to you. And you can always change your mind by transferring to another school or getting further education later on.

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