Start Writing Your College Essay Now

The summer is a good time to start your college essay. So take some time now to think about what you could write about yourself that would introduce another aspect of you beyond the contents of your college admissions application.

10 College Essay Tips to Keep in Mind

1. You and your voice should be the focus of the essay.
2. Be sure to answer any questions and stick to the word limit.
3. Consider a simple, every day topic written from your own point of view.
4. Your opinion is good, but don’t go with anything too risky – you don’t know who will be reading your essay.
5. Use active voice with meaningful verbs and nouns.
6. Don’t write what you think the admissions officers want to read; be honest.
7. Watch your punctuation and grammar and be sure you are using it correctly.
8. Do not talk down to your reader.
9. Be clear and succinct; avoid run-ons and over-flowery language.
10. Review yourself, revise and ask others to review.

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