Unexpected College Admissions Success Stories

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“In all your years of working with students, what were some of the most unexpected successes you witnessed? I could use a little pick me up.”—Jamie S., Rutland, VT

Never Give Up on Your College Dreams Kathryn Favaro, Independent College Admissions Counselor, Favaro College Counselors

While the process can sometimes take longer than expected and you may encounter some bumps along the way, persistence leads to getting accepted by some wonderful colleges. One of my students thought no college would accept him due to his low test scores and failing grades senior year. He made up his poor grades with online courses. He contacted his colleges and asked what else he could do to improve his chances of admission. He sent in an additional essay and a new letter of recommendation explaining his recent struggles. After all of this work, he was accepted by one of his top schools and is a happy, successful student entering his sophomore year.

Community College Can Fulfill a Dream and Make It Affordable Jane Klemmer, Founder, Klemmer Educational Consulting

Marty could only dream about NYU, given her less-than-stellar high school grades.  She was neither academically nor emotionally ready for college.  After a 2 ½-year hiatus from academics, during which she worked, traveled and volunteered, Marty gravitated back to school.  She chose to enroll in the local community college, now possessing greater self-awareness, motivation and sense of purpose. This past May, Marty earned her associate degree with honors, plus a prestigious state university award.  The community college experience turned her life around and also made college affordable.  Winning a scholarship reserved for community college transfers, Marty will realize her dream and enroll at NYU this fall.

I Love College Counseling Donnamarie Hehn, Director of College Guidance, Canterbury School of Florida

So many “feel good” moments exist for me: a student with a serious head injury who later was able to attend a school for visual arts, a student who hid his homeless situation but was offered a full financial aid package when the college discovered the truth of his situation, a group of children of migrant workers who were mentored through high school by college admissions professionals.  Often at the height of the admissions cycle, I am touched by how many teachers, college admissions associates and directors, and administrators offer support to make seemingly impossible dreams a reality.

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