Can a College Change Its Mind?

You’ve been accepted to college, put down your deposit and are completely focused on the first day of the rest of your life after high school graduation. What could stand in your way?

Well, if you let your grades slide so drastically that the college would be admitting someone of a significantly different grade caliber, then the college could rescind its offer. Colleges can also rescind offers for misbehavior, such as plagiarizing, cheating or an arrest.

While very few students get their offers rescinded, there are things you can do if it happens to you:

1. Talk to the college and try to explain the circumstances for which the school is rescinding its offer; you may be able to appeal.
2. You may be able to negotiate admittance to the school on probation and will need to meet certain standards during the first semester.
3. Attend a community college or another school, get your grades up and then reapply as a transfer student.


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