Do Entrepreneurs Need to Go to College?

BNET recently reported on 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellows. The 20 fellows receive $100,000 each, over two years, to drop out of – or plain not attend – college in order to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Peter Thiel, cofounder of PayPal, established the foundation and funds the award.

But is Thiel telling today’s young people that college is a waste of time?

We here at would disagree. We have a whole section of articles and opinions explaining why college is important.

In the BNET piece, Lanny Goodman – an entrepreneur himself – said this in favor of college: “What we don’t need in this country is more uneducated entrepreneurs with no sense of history, culture or values other than making money. I’m sorry, but business is about living. Life is not about business. Without education and a larger context than making money, how are we to make rational decisions that benefit society and the planet for generations to come rather than just what will benefit our shareholders for the next quarter?”

What do you think of a program that encourages leadership without college to provide a basis?

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