What to Bring to College

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“I leave for college in a few months but don’t know what to bring. What should every college student bring with them for academics, social, and dorm life? What does every student kick themselves for forgetting?” – David S., Fresno, CA

Plan with Your Roommate and Get Off to a Good Start Steve Thomas, Director of Admissions, Colby College

Pack some unbridled energy, unparalleled curiosity, acute sense of adventure and a fresh excitement for new experiences as you head to college this fall! Some of the practical things to bring or buy -- room refrigerators, stereos, printers et. al. -- can be shared with your roommate. It's important to speak with your roommate prior to arriving on campus in order to have a cooperative plan about this. Bring and present a welcoming attitude as you meet your new roommate. Nothing will make your year go so smoothly as getting off on the right foot with your roommate. Beanbag chairs are a must!

A Fan, Several Rolls of Quarters, and Soft Toilet Paper!  Hector Martinez, Director of College Guidance, The Webb Schools

The items listed above were the most important things every new college student had to bring on move-in day back when I was heading off to college. Now dorms are much nicer and many have air-conditioning, so fans and quality toilet paper aren't as necessary anymore. I suggest you find out where the nearest Target or Wal-Mart is located in your college town. And finally, like any good parent would tell you: Bring plenty of clean underwear!

What to Think About When Moving in with Your Roommate Rachelle Wolosoff , Founder, CollegeSearchExpert.com

First of all, stay organized by working with your roommate to create a list of what is needed for the apartment you will be sharing. Then proceed to share shopping and paying for those items that you will both be using, such as paper goods and furniture.  Pack a small bag with your essentials separate from your major packing with a change of clothes, toiletries and medicines for the next day. This is handy for those who will not get to unpacking all that they are bringing immediately. Enjoy the journey!

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