College Scholarships for Everyone?

The Former Majority Association for Equality is hoping to give out five $5,000 scholarships to college students or applicants who “meet or exceed our expectations.” What are these expectations?

According to the application, to qualify for the scholarship, you must be:

* Male
* At least 25% Caucasian
* A college student with a 3.0 GPA or a high school senior
* Able to complete the application.

Unsurprisingly, this college scholarship raises some eyebrows.

According to a recent article on, the founder, 28-year-old Colby Bohannan, created this scholarship after feeling excluded when he had trouble finding scholarship money when he was trying to pay for college. “To pay for school, Bohannan enlisted in the Army, served two tours in Iraq, and was honorably discharged. Now a junior at Texas State, he is majoring in communications,” the article says.

Critics of the scholarship say it goes against diversity and reinforces old stereotypes.

In our college scholarship search, you can search for scholarships by ethnicity. White/Caucasian Scholarships is an option, but the scholarships listed there can apply to students who are White/Caucasian but do not stipulate your ethnicity.

So what do you think: Is this a good opportunity for those who can win the scholarship, or will the scholarship’s existence do more harm than good?

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One Response to “College Scholarships for Everyone?”

  1. Edith
    at #

    Considering he earned the money he is putting up for the scholarship, shouldn’t he spend it the way he wants (by limiting the entry requirements just as others do) I know that there are some minority based scholarships and that’s fine too. There are a variety of scholarships offered by individuals as to motivations behind the scholarship sometimes those motivations are less exclusive while at other times they are not. The world has different people thus there are scholarships that cater to a wider range. From minorities to non-minorities, to those that include both or to those that don’t consider either factor but are based on a completely different albeit listed set of factors.

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