FAFSA: Getting Help

It’s easy to get confused when attempting to fill out the FAFSA.  There’s so much specific information required and so many queries to answer that your own questions are bound to arise.  Fortunately, the FAFSA has your back (it’s true).  You see, rather than let you flounder or force you to guess, the site has built in a handful of free tools to which you can turn when you need guidance.  Here’s a quick rundown for you:

Help and Hints

No matter where you are on the site/application, you’ll find “Help and Hints.”  Located on the right side of any FAFSA entry page, you can skim the info if you run into a snag.  And don’t worry – the hints change depending on the question you’re answering.

Need Help?

If “Help and Hints” doesn’t suffice, you may consider clicking on the “Need Help?” button at the bottom of every FAFSA entry page.  It’s a great space to address any issue you’ve encountered or any question that’s arisen.

Live Chat

Of course, if the tools mentioned above still don’t provide the necessary insight, you can opt for a live chat.  To speak with a member of the technical support team, simply click on the “Help” icon with the big question mark.  You’ll find it at the top of every page.  After clicking the icon, you’ll then need to select “Contact Us.”  Next, click “Federal Student Aid Information.”  And, finally, “Chat with Us.”  You’ll have the opportunity to speak with a representative in either English or Spanish.  Please note that the option to live chat is only available during business hours.  You can find the hours of operation on the Federal Student Aid Information Center contact page.

Contact the Financial Aid Office

Certainly, if questions still abound, you can always reach out to the financial aid offices of the schools to which you’re applying (or the university you plan on attending).  The folks who work in these offices know the system backwards and forwards and are generally more than happy to clarify things.

There’s a good chance that, somewhere along the line when filling out your FAFSA, a question (or three!) will arise.  Thankfully, there will be no reason to panic or to set aside your application.  Rather, you can simply turn to one of the user-friendly tools listed above, quickly address your concerns and then continue filling out the remainder of your app.


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