Tips for Getting Back into the School Groove

Sadly, it's already August.  And though you don't want to admit it, the school year will soon be upon us.  It can be tough to transition from your carefree summer days to your hectic, highly scheduled academic life.  We understand the difficulty (and the dread).  Hence, we've compiled a few tips for how you can get back into the school groove.

Start setting an alarm clock.  We know - this one might be a little painful.  After all, few activities can top sleeping in.  However, you'll have to start getting up early once school begins.  And that alarm is truly going to be a rude awakening if you're used to sleeping until noon.  It'll be easier to adjust if you start rising earlier, even if you do it in small increments!

Go to bed a little earlier.  Yup - this one is certainly a corollary to the tip above.  Obviously, it's hard to get up early if you're still staying up really late.  Therefore, we suggest you start to slowly move up your bedtime.  This way, when the year finally begins, you'll be ready to go to sleep at a decent hour.

Look over your schedule.  Indeed, you want to make sure you're registered for the right classes.  And, just as important, you want to know where you're supposed to be on that first day.  If anything seems amiss, contact the school immediately to ensure everything gets cleared up before the year begins.

Flip through your notes/notebooks from last year.  Looking through your materials from the previous year will definitely help you get into the academic mindset.  Plus - it's a low-key way to reintroduce assignments and ideas to your brain.  You can think of it as a refresher course, minus the teacher!

Set goals.  Setting goals is another great way to get yourself thinking about the upcoming year.  Don't worry - it doesn't matter what you write down as much as whether or not you specify your intentions.  After all, stating something like "get good grades" is fine.  However, it's ambiguous and therefore harder to tackle.  Writing "study every day from 6:00-8:00" is a clear plan/directive.  You know exactly what you need to do to complete that goal.  And, even better, it's still something that will likely lead to getting good grades.

Stock up on supplies.  This should be old hat at this point in your academic career.  Surely, you're not going to show up on the first day of school without notebooks, pens, pencils, etc…right?  You'll need these basic supplies to take notes and do your work.

Find a quality study space.  Listen - there's no escaping the fact that you're going to have tests to study for and homework assignments to complete.  So it makes sense to find a place where you don't mind working (if you haven't already done so).  It can be your school library, your bedroom, your kitchen, or even a local cafe.  The specifics don't matter as long as it's somewhere you can concentrate and get work done.

Pick up a book (or two).  Similar to reviewing your notes, reading will undoubtedly help you get into an academic mindset.  Indeed, it will get your neurons firing and prompt you to begin thinking about ideas.  Plus, it could expose you to new vocabulary and even subconsciously strengthen your writing skills.

Even if you love school, it can be difficult to bid farewell to the summer.  Who wants to say goodbye to all that flexibility and freedom?  Fortunately, if you slowly begin to accept your fate and take steps to embrace the upcoming year, you'll likely put yourself in a good frame of mind and be able to start off on strong footing.

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