The College Fair: What to Bring

Preparation is key for so many events and opportunities in life and college fairs are certainly no exception!  You want to arrive focused, primed to learn and ready to make the most of the occasion.  To help ensure that you do, here’s a quick list of what to bring (and, just as important, what not to bring!) with you:

Items to bring:

  • Tote bag and/or folder to hold all of the materials you collect
  • Pad and writing utensil to take copious notes during your conversations with various college reps
  • Map of the fair (you can likely pick this up when you first arrive)
  • List of prepared questions
  • Willingness to explore (This might not be a tangible item but it’s still important!)

Items not to bring:

  • Resumes
  • Completed applications
  • Personal essays
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Baked goods (or other gifts) to hand out to each rep

In other words, you should arrive at the college fair intending to simply learn and gather information.  And come equipped with tools that will aid that process.  Remember, this is an opportunity to begin (or, in the case of some seniors, continue) a dialogue and to have your questions answered.  This isn’t the time to overtly sell yourself to college reps.  Nor is it appropriate to attempt to butter them up or assume they’ll act as your own personal application courier.  College fairs are really just another avenue for research and should be treated accordingly!

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