Do You Know Who Cesar Chavez Was?

As a high school student, it’s probably fairly easy to isolate or compartmentalize your education.  Learning takes place in the classroom and life takes place outside.  However, you’d be remiss if you limited yourself in such a manner.  While your school certainly provides a solid educational foundation, it behooves you to seek out opportunities beyond those hallowed (or semi-hallowed) halls.  After all, there’s only so much ground your curriculum can cover.  To ensure intellectual growth and well-roundedness, you need to move past your textbooks.  No matter if you visit an art museum, tour a national monument or wander around an arboretum, any extracurricular exploration will help you to delve deeper into a myriad of subjects and expose you to new ideas.  It will also allow you to make connections between seemingly disparate topics.  No doubt, this’ll serve you well when it comes time to begin college.  Indeed, most universities expect that their students have more than a baseline knowledge.  And professors definitely work to incorporate educational sources and tools outside of books.

Of course, one of the most fun ways to enrich your education is by watching movies.  We’re not talking about The Fast and The Furious franchise (though kudos if you glean something important from that).  However, there are obviously a number of films with a biographical or historical bent.  And these movies offer audiences new or unique insight on a particular subject.  A fantastic example of this is the recently released Cesar Chavez.  This moving film, from actor/director Diego Luna, introduces audiences to the remarkable Chavez.  A co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association (later United Farm Workers union), Chavez was integral in establishing rights for farmers.  He was also an overall champion of civil rights and labor causes; we’re not being hyperbolic when we refer to him as a hero.  Unfortunately, Chavez is all too often relegated to a paragraph or a footnote in many textbooks.  In fact, we’re betting you probably didn’t even realize his birthday was yesterday!  And that’s a shame.  Thankfully, a movie like this not only ensures that Chavez’s story reaches a wider audience, it also provides viewers with a more complete understanding of our country’s history.  Need another reason to watch?  Well, Chavez’s incredible ability to persevere despite daunting odds might even offer some inspiration as you try and tackle the college admissions process!

Do You Know Who Cesar Chavez Was?

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