Summer: Sand, Surf and SAT Prep?

Look – we understand your summer schedule is pretty packed.  You need to admire your farmer’s tan in the mirror.  Ice cream shops must be frequented.  And of course you need to devote a significant amount of time to developing the perfect indentation on your living room couch.  However, as you head into the dog days of summer, you might want to think about throwing a little SAT/ACT/PSAT prep into the mix.

While test prep might not appear to be the ideal summer activity, it’s actually a great time to break out a few #2 pencils.  To begin with, life obviously proceeds at a more leisurely pace during these months and that can extend to your test prep.  After all, it’s a lot easier to focus when you’re not juggling the academic pressure of your regular classes and the demands of your extracurricular activities.  You’re less likely to burn out and you’re more likely to retain what you’ve studied/covered.

Additionally, it’s all too easy to let your brain atrophy during the summer.  Sure, you deserve a respite from the rigors of calculus and chemistry.  However, a little intellectual stimulation during July and August couldn’t hurt.  Breaking out those practice tests can help combat summer learning loss.  And, not surprisingly, they’ll likely leave you more prepared to face the start of the school year.

Further, by boning up on the SATs/PSATs/ACTs now, you’ll be able to enter the upcoming school year with more confidence.  You won’t be scrambling around, desperately trying to cram in some study time when you can get it.  You’ll have already logged substantial hours, leaving you to enter the test feeling relaxed and like you can truly give it your all.

Studying during the summer also allows for the opportunity to work in some less conventional places.  Instead of sequestering yourself in your bedroom or the library, think about bringing some study materials to the beach or the town pool.  You can catch some rays while you work (everyone loves a multi-tasker!) and you can reward yourself with a quick dip that’s sure to be mentally and physically refreshing.  Who knows – maybe you can even convince some friends to join you!

Look, we’re not saying you should abandon fun completely.  We realize it’s important for you to be able to unwind and relax.  But by being smart and using your time wisely now, you’ll find yourself in an advantageous position once school begins.  And that might actually lead to a little more relaxation during the school year.

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