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Importance of High School Internships

When many high school students job hunt, they often seek out positions within retail or the food service industry.  After all, those gigs have long been the provenance of teen employment.  However, a growing number of companies and institutions have started to expand their internship programs, happily opening their doors to high school kids.  This […]

Reflecting on High School Study Habits

2014 is fast approaching! And, as always, the new year is the perfect time for a little self-reflection. We encourage you to find a moment in between exchanging gifts and spreading holiday cheer to consider your goals and aspirations (for both the immediate future and beyond). Of course, amidst this quiet contemplation, we recommend assessing […]

Assessing Your Extracurricular Involvement

When it comes to admissions decisions, it’s easy to be overly concerned with your GPA and standardized test scores. After all, those two facets are likely the most important portion of your application. However, colleges don’t necessarily gravitate to students who are solely focused on academics. They want undergrads who are just as eager to embrace […]

The Balancing Act: 6 Time Management Tips for Teens

Ah, time management! That surprisingly elusive talent/asset that frequently feels integral to success. It’s a critical skill to have and one that you should certainly try and cultivate. After all, the further you get into high school, the more important it becomes. Indeed, you’ll most likely be juggling schoolwork, extracurricular activities, a college search and […]

Back in the Groove: Preparing for the New School Year

Sadly summer, like all good things, must come to an end. Though you should still suck all the marrow out of these sweet, sun-filled days, it’s probably best to acknowledge that a new school year is quickly approaching. Instead of lamenting the impending loss of freedom, we suggest preparing to meet your academic future heartily […]