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Poll of the Week: Are Expensive Schools Worth the Price Tag?

With the economy on the rocks, paying tuition has become an even bigger burden on families. Recent surveys by both and found that students are considering public colleges and “less prestigious schools” because they cost less. Will this new mindset keep kids from getting a quality education? Traditionally, public schools have suffered from […]

Mythbusters: Only Smart Kids Get Scholarships

” You don’t have to be a scholar to get a scholarship. While some scholarships have minimum academic requirements, there are plenty do not. That might seem contradictory since scholarships are often given to kids with good grades, but many funds also award accomplishments outside the classroom, such as superb community service or leadership. Students […]

The 25 Most Expensive Schools — Or Are They?

” What do NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Chicago have in common? They’re three of the nation’s most expensive colleges! Ben Popken at The Consumerist ranked the top 25 wallet-breakers based on the total cost (tuition + room and board). At number one is Sarah Lawrence College which will run you $53,166 annually. […]