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Show Me the Money: Best Places to Find Scholarships

College is expensive (a sentiment we’ve already covered many times on this site).  Hence, you’ll likely need to embark on a hunt for scholarship money.  Of course, figuring out how or where to begin your search can sometimes prove difficult and overwhelming.  To help you out (you’re welcome!), we’ve decided to come up with a […]

Changes to the FAFSA

For many college-bound students, financial aid is a necessity.  And for all undergrads, no matter their backgrounds or the schools they attend, financial aid starts with the FAFSA.  Recently, the government announced that, beginning October 1, 2016, changes will be made to the process.  Here’s what you need to know! First off, as a quick […]

An Introduction

Most of the advice on college admissions is, to use the vernacular, a huge steaming pile. That’s largely because most of the people who spend time offering advice about admissions either a) have no idea what they’re talking about or b) lie.  Another group, maybe the largest, is best served by keeping you in the […]