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College Planning: 10 Ways to Stay Focused Over the Holidays

Daylight savings has come and gone. The days are getting shorter and Halloween candy supplies are quickly dwindling. This can only mean one thing – the holiday season is just around the bend. For the vast majority of students,  the holidays can’t come soon enough. They are a welcome respite from our day-to-day responsibilities and […]

An Introduction

Most of the advice on college admissions is, to use the vernacular, a huge steaming pile. That’s largely because most of the people who spend time offering advice about admissions either a) have no idea what they’re talking about or b) lie.  Another group, maybe the largest, is best served by keeping you in the […]

A Gift for Your Mother

Listen – Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Between school work and what we assume is a packed social calendar, it’s quite possible this special day slipped your mind. Fortunately, we have your back. While we’re not going to order flowers on your behalf, we are going to present you with a list of items and […]