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Post High School Plan: Alternatives to a Four-Year College

As second semester grinds on, the reality of life beyond high school hopefully comes into much sharper focus for seniors. Certainly, those students with plans to attend a four-year college are in full anticipation of their upcoming undergraduate years. However, there are plenty of students who recognize that college is not necessarily the right step, […]

College Planning: 10 Ways to Stay Focused Over the Holidays

Daylight savings has come and gone. The days are getting shorter and Halloween candy supplies are quickly dwindling. This can only mean one thing – the holiday season is just around the bend. For the vast majority of students,  the holidays can’t come soon enough. They are a welcome respite from our day-to-day responsibilities and […]

Demonstrating Leadership During High School

It’s pretty much a given that election season will bring discussions about leadership into sharp focus.  We debate fiercely about whom will best represent our interests and ideals.  Election Day is officially behind us, but the topic of leadership should still be on your mind as you prepare for college. As you make your way […]