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The College Fair: Questions to Consider

College fairs provide an amazing opportunity to learn a lot about higher education.  However, when attending, don’t just breeze through collecting pamphlets that you’ll likely end up tossing out.  Instead, maximize your time by engaging with the college representatives.  After all, they are there to provide insight and information. Unsure of what to ask?  Here […]

An Introduction

Most of the advice on college admissions is, to use the vernacular, a huge steaming pile. That’s largely because most of the people who spend time offering advice about admissions either a) have no idea what they’re talking about or b) lie.  Another group, maybe the largest, is best served by keeping you in the […]

In Defense of Liberal Arts Education, with Help from Our Founding Fathers

“Those persons, whom nature has endowed with genius and virtue, should be rendered by liberal education worthy to receive, and able to guard the sacred deposit of the rights and liberties of their fellow citizens; and…they should be called to that charge without regard to wealth, birth or other accidental condition or circumstance.” In addition […]