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Corresponding with Admissions Officers

Planning on becoming pen pals with an admissions officer?  Make sure you know the proper etiquette first! Following your visit to the college fair, you find yourself flush with business cards from various admissions officers.  And now you’re thinking about capitalizing on some of these contacts.  After all, questions still linger and you figure it […]

The Waiting Game: What to Do After Your College Applications Are Submitted

It’s here at last – second semester of senior year! You’ve been anticipating this moment since you first stepped foot into your high school. The standardized tests have been taken, personal statements written and college applications submitted. All that’s left to do is kick back and wait! Actually, not so fast; while the heavy lifting […]

Dealing With College Rejection Letters

Beyond ushering in the holiday season, December also heralds the first wave of admissions decisions. Indeed, those students who applied early acceptance/early action will soon be receiving notification. It’s an exhilarating albeit nerve-wracking time. For some, it’ll be a moment of excitement, elation and relief. For others, well, there might be tears, disappointment and confusion. […]

Letters of Recommendation: How to Approach Your Teachers

Hey seniors – we know you’re gearing up to tackle those college applications! And that means that, sooner or later (hopefully sooner!), you’ll have to reach out to a handful of teachers and ask for a recommendation. Therefore, we figured we’d assemble some advice for how to properly broach the subject. You know, on the off […]

College Planning: 10 Ways to Stay Focused Over the Holidays

Daylight savings has come and gone. The days are getting shorter and Halloween candy supplies are quickly dwindling. This can only mean one thing – the holiday season is just around the bend. For the vast majority of students,  the holidays can’t come soon enough. They are a welcome respite from our day-to-day responsibilities and […]

Demonstrating Leadership During High School

It’s pretty much a given that election season will bring discussions about leadership into sharp focus.  We debate fiercely about whom will best represent our interests and ideals.  Election Day is officially behind us, but the topic of leadership should still be on your mind as you prepare for college. As you make your way […]

Gearing up for Standardized Tests

The advent of September means many things: the beginning of football season, pumpkin spiced lattes, leaves changing color and, of course, the first wave of standardized test dates.  For seniors, these coming dates signify their last chance(s) to squeeze in these tests or improve their scores before application deadlines begin hitting.  For juniors (and perhaps […]