Internships, Extracurricular Activities and STEM

An interest in STEM related subjects need not be relegated to the confines of a classroom. While academics are certainly a good (and critical) way to explore these areas, it’s important to seek additional means through which to gain exposure. For starters, most high schools host a handful of after-school clubs and extracurricular activities that [...]

The College Fair: Questions to Consider

College fairs provide an amazing opportunity to learn a lot about higher education.  However, when attending, don’t just breeze through collecting pamphlets that you’ll likely end up tossing out.  Instead, maximize your time by engaging with the college representatives.  After all, they are there to provide insight and information. Unsure of what to ask?  Here [...]

Do You Know Who Cesar Chavez Was?

As a high school student, it’s probably fairly easy to isolate or compartmentalize your education.  Learning takes place in the classroom and life takes place outside.  However, you’d be remiss if you limited yourself in such a manner.  While your school certainly provides a solid educational foundation, it behooves you to seek out opportunities beyond [...]

Post High School Plan: Alternatives to a Four-Year College

As second semester grinds on, the reality of life beyond high school hopefully comes into much sharper focus for seniors. Certainly, those students with plans to attend a four-year college are in full anticipation of their upcoming undergraduate years. However, there are plenty of students who recognize that college is not necessarily the right step, [...]